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When you have worked hard to ensure the quality of your web site, your leaflets and your documents, you do not want to be let down by a bad translation. A translation must not only convey all the shades of meaning of your original text, but whoever reads it must not notice that it is a translation. This is why using a professional translator gives you the guarantee that all your documents are of a professional standard.

My Institute of Linguists qualification together with my bi-cultural background and business experience makes me highly suitable for translation work, especially in business. I am a native French speaker, born and raised in France and I worked there for eight years.This included running accountancy departments for English and American companies, where clear communication in English was vital. I also completed a post-graduate training in computer science which adds to my business understanding. Since 1997 I have lived in England (in East Sussex since 2002) and been fully immersed in English life, including undertaking voluntary work. At the same time I have retained my links with France, visiting at least 4 times a year as well as listening to French radio daily and regularly reading French books and magazines. My bi-culturalism means that I am able to translate every shade of meaning.

I belong to Mayfield Business Forum, a local networking group based in Mayfield, East Sussex which meets and discusses online and offline to help build members’ businesses by sharing best and new practice, exchanging contacts and identifying opportunities to work together.